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Market summery

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 | Labels: , , , | |


Market outlook

Sensex 13518.80
Nifty 4074.20

After yesterday fall due to bankruptcy of Lehman brother of US. As per news they loose 50 crore Rs. in India which is pie of 500 crores portfolio.That meant they nearly 10% in India. Which impact badly on Indian market as well as on Asian market to.Yuropian market also goes in red. This news also increse trouble of Citi group.

After that set back after opening market close on nominal loose in sensex and nominaml growth in nifty.

There is also weird story of Reliance after make 52 week low it close above 1900. On this stock investor still need to be cautious.
Today on 17/09/2008 be alert.Keep eyes and ear open few day very sharply. Make trade with cautious manner. In intraday keep watch on bank sector. There may chances to pull back.

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