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Future of Indian Economy

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Future of Indian Economy

In the year of 2008 world are found in Tsunami of liquidity crunches. Then a liquidity crunch brings series of one after another problem. India also can not come out from this problem. Phase of this global slowdown also hits economy but amplitude is not high than other economies.

Indian has it own powerful factor, so it will come out easily from this crisis. To save economy of country from slowdown following powerful factor will help India;

Agriculture base economy
India is one of the top players in Agriculture world. There is very big market in Indian Agriculture industry which is untapped till.

Co-operative movement

India is not fully capitalized country. Co- operative movement runs in India very successfully. One of the great examples is AMUL. This field provides handful of money to most of Indian population. So by default spending power of Indian people will not affect by this global slowdown.

Public sector companies

In India public sector companies play very powerful role in industry. Those companies serve to nation with there product as well as there balance sheet is so strong to ease from liquidity crunches.

New step in field of Science and Technology
Indian scientist are contributing very good role to make economy independent. Recently India takes very powerful step by sending Chandryan-1 on moon. In space India become one of leading country.

Strong political leadership

This factor pays very powerful role for stable economy. India is democratic country. India has top most economists as Prime Minister. Mr. Manmohan singh is India’s Hon able Prime Minister. He is very optimistic person. Recently he visited Gulf countries for to collect Petro-dollar. This shows his brilliancy.

These entire factors are confidently will build India from this economical problem.

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