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Monday, December 29, 2008 | Labels: | |


Mother Earth is live planet so many creature are living here. They are diffrent from each other. Human being is one of the great creature.
On this planet peoples are same, but there is so many classes and religion.This is very difficult how many wall is to divide every individual.

Really if you go on way of extremist you will there is only two classes in human being,remaining all classes are by product of this two classes. Have and have not, this only two classes, broad manner we can say rich and poor are those classes.Remaining things are creat to protect for only for rich class.

I don't want to fix you in any discussion, that they are rich or poor.Now days in this era of globlelisation there is so many chances to one become wealthy this our main motto. There is vertical mobility.

One must willing to do something extra. If your wasting your time in laziness that is big crime for your family, for whole human generation. Ideal state is very dangerous for yourself. If you keep your mind busy you will find your rich person. You can give some thing new to this society by your intrest. You can earn some extra money by using your spare time. This extra money will help you and your family.

So keep your mind busy in positive things and found yourself rich. In this way this two classes of rich and poor are vanishes. This process is slow but firm. Live in poor condition means not utilistion of your ability. Try to beame rich is on sin. Living as poor is sin.

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