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Indian industrial Economy and Agriculture

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | Labels: , | |


In India Agriculture began from 9000 BCE . Indian have rich weather condition for agriculture. Till in this era of industrialization still India is one of the top Agricultural Product exporter. Most of Indian earn their bread and butter from Agriculture.

Last few year are very bad for Indian agriculture. So many farmer was in door of suicide. Most of Sucide happens in Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh. After then government issue 60000 Crore Rs. Aid package farmers. This package helps farmer but not solve problem of farmer.

This is story of Indian Agriculture.

Still agriculture is hard revenue generation section. In this global situation of lack of food and hike in agriculture product. There is huge chance of development in agriculture and this development also boost industrial growth of India.

Their is huge chance to industries in irrigation section. Automation also nurture Indian Agricultural growth. Research in new vehicle for Indian field which are affordable to farmer. New technology to new crops.

Biotechnology also helps to grow output of farm.

All those thing are i try to put here for that today whole world face global slowdown in industry at this time one can look as opportunity to Indian agriculture. That may helps agriculture as well as industrial growth also.

No development will complete without agricultural independence.

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