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Steps to become "Rich"

Thursday, December 25, 2008 | Labels: | |


Rich !! How you will feel some one attach this word with you? I think you will found suprised by this question.
Everyone want to being "Rich", only some person are exception for this. If your not exception for that then this tips for you. No matter whatever your profession. You can be "Rich".

Some most imortant tips for you.

Love yourself, Love your family, Love all who relates you. This is looking very little,But most important.

Keep your expenses less than your earning.

Save first which is first steps toward being rich.

Don't work for money. Try to make money work for you.

Money or being rich is emotional thing. It is more than financial. Try to cope up in this matter. Your emotion is make you. Leave run behind money rather than money will run behind you.

Being rich is diffrent for diffrent person. So how much money required to being rich. Define it first.

Give respect to time. Every single moment live life in meaning not meaning less.

This is all step look ordinary but use it. You will found life will change magically.

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