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Book profit in Satyam

Monday, January 26, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Yesterday in absolutely in red market with 139.49. Satyam computer make good hike in last trading session , closed on 38.85 with gaining 9.25 (31.25%) in single day.

I like to tell you may profit, those who buy with my short term deliver recommendation.

I like to clarify some my own view about Satyam.

This is end of January, roll over comes in three session. There is chances to eliminate Satyam from A group. This hike was due to short covering.

Satyam may clear it's may regain its past position with hard working, but....but..?? It may take time, if you want to wait with Satyam then you could stick with it. Your devotion toward Satyam also pays you. All are the matter of your finance statergy.

I know every one is clever investor here. Do your decision with your own mind. No matter you may fail, but you should not giving blame any other. This is first step to be independent. Take suggestion with expert and do as your mind say.

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