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First step of become RICH!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009 | Labels: | |


Give Respect to time

Mother earth is live planet. So many creature are living here. They are different from each other. Human being is one of the great creature. On this planet peoples are same, but there is so many religions and classes are distinguish them from each other. There is so many walls are divided each other. Everyone want to protect there spaces.

If you think in extreme then you realize there is only two classes in present condition. Remaining all classes are behind that two classes. In broad manner if you think then we can realize poor and rich are only those two classes.

I don't want to stick you in discussion of what right or wrong. Is there any one great or not? Who is superior in them. Ask to your everyone are deep sleep feeling in there mind they would be rich in future. No matter what they are doing, they dreams of being rich.

Then who is Rich? This question also vary from person to person. Answer for this question will different for different. You can see simple example of that Mr. Ramlinga Raju why commit to fraud he had ample of money. You call him Rich person. If he is rich then why he did such crime? Richness is characteristic of emotion. Some may rich in with little pocket, some may having tonnes of money till he is not feel he is rich.

Okay!! this answer is very difficult to find, but one habit of rich person i like to tell here. This only one habit can make you. This precious habit I like to share with you. Rich person never waste their time in idle. There mind never empty. If your mind is empty and your hands doesn't have any work then your towards first step of poor state. So always your mind in busy in positive things. Try to do something Great. There is one popular sentence,” if your throw stone for stars, then there is chance it will on moon.”
So keep trying. Don't be nervous when you are fail. Failure is first step towards success.

Hope this blog helps you to being Rich. Your valuable comment are welcomed.

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