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Very Good Technical teaching book

Monday, February 2, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Profit From Prices
is very Good book on stock market prsented by J patel. I download its free pdf. intially i least bother about this book.
In first i like to give my introduction so you can friendly with me when intract. Okay. I am J kuwar from last six years i am in stock market. I like market from class VII, but my background is not related to finance. Then i decided to learn from books newspapers and now online books and articles are my teacher. to learn technical I had download so many books online in free. I can not offer to books in dollar so I always prefer free books.

Some day ago I had download books some pages in pdf format This free pages are so valuable to me, so I feel you will also find valable things in those paper. You can grow your money in few days with proper road map. Even you can buy this book but my suggestion is, first read some pages of this book in free then think to buy or not but those pages are also valuable material you can earn thousand of bucks from those in intraday trading

This book will found you valuable. Your comment will guide to peak. so comments are most welcome. If you have valuble information then you can put here for visitor and me. Sharing knowledge is key of development.

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