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Thursday, March 26, 2009 | Labels: | |


Fourth session in positive side.Just amazing!! Feel good to see 10000 mark long after longThis is surprising but not fluke. In last one from one month FII and Indian fund's were on buying mode. As result we are witnessed of this rally, If you were go through my last month articles on 'market and buying of FII and Indian funds ' you feel that this rally not fluke. If your interested then visit on this article using archive or label cloud you would find amazing things. I am not steady writer but I like to write when i get some time. Due to march ending and exams on head I am unable to write consistently. If you feel that I am lazy and give reason, then you may be right little bit I am lazy.. I am unable to do so many things in same time. I has to required time for perfection. Hope this laziness throw from my mind as early as possible. Till I try to provide best of my try about Indian market and related issues like education, facts and many more..

Now this volatility remain in market for upcoming session. Investors are cautious and FII come to some what slow down in their buying and they also sell for book profit so be cautious on every step

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