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Saturday, April 25, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


This time I like to tell you about one best and magical trading tricks and tips to enhance your style of trading, so you can earn awesome money in intraday.

This method to patience player. This method got 99.99% success ration just you have to wait for proper stroke.

First you have to gone through first few basic steps; then you should earn magical way.

1 At market opening in 9:55 am first seat in front of terminal.
2 Select 10 stock which may feel close to your heart today.
3 From market start ringing bell to to around 11 o'clock observe

Then you can define one or more than one stock to go for ;


At 9:55 AM Till 11:00 am observe say 10 hot selected stock movement and in 60minutes you will come to know which share has huge buying trigger don't take long position right now ....

But take long position in above identified stock in two cases if markets fall or stock fall to beyond normal expectation .....


Observer 10 stocks from 9:55 am till 11:00 am you will come to know heavy selling stocks don't take short position right now

But take short position in above identified stock once the stock rises or market rises above expected level.........

Both method are successful and so many investor are used this method and earn good money. Success of this method is definitely depends upon your patience and emotional ability to grab profit. Over the time you'll be master in method. Initially do trade in small quantity to avoid losses.
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  1. arulisai says:

    Good post. What is Long intra day Entry method?

  2. Kuwar says:

    Method say for our convenience. Entry in any stock which we will may jump get long jump high as leopard in day session.

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