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Want to fair or tanned,? who care but it glow your portfolio!!

Friday, April 17, 2009 | Labels: | |


Ever man is always mad for beauty . For sake of beauty one can go beyond limits. Nature's beauty always attracts everyone. From falls to slow river everything has it's own beauty.

We are always care beauty. In ancient time men and women nourishes beauty with flowers and naturally available product. As population and trend changes concept of beauty also changes with time.
For to remain fit we are always struggle. In morning exercise to diet most of person are keen about their health. Now face become first symbol of beauty along with figure.

As trend of looking gorgeous or handsome, then industry start manufactured various skin care product.

Greater interest in personal grooming, more disposable income and increased exposure to international beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends all combine to form a thriving personal care and cosmetics market in India.

As in this slowdown this market of become fair or make tanned to your skin done by various creams. Really they work or not but good bucks are always go on balance sheet of this companies.

So I like suggest investor keep this companies in your portfolio to make your portfolio's face glowing.

Find companies which belong to following product manufactured or marketer

Hair oil
Face Fairness cream
Skin care
Tooth paste

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