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India Waiting for Monsoon

Monday, June 29, 2009 | | |


In Maharashtra 7 June is expected date to arrival of monsoon. Now it is end of June, only black cloud increase hope of rain. All hopes vanishes in air when wind start and clouds disappeared.

Since past two year same situation seem. Monsoon arrived late for one month from its regular timetable, it's also end one month late. One month is slide in regular time table. So many people who care about rain said that it happened due Globle warming.

Late monsoon means there may chance of cut in agriculture production. Yesterday Agriculturea Minister deny the chances of drought. He assured people to monsoon will come ample, with small delay of one month.

In this condition of economic slowdown,late monsoon increases worries of investors as well as common man.

Prices of commodity start to make new high of this reason. To come price again on ground, there is need of monsoon.

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