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Useful tool for trader of stock market

Friday, June 12, 2009 | Labels: | |


Pivot Calculator

Pivot calculator is one of the best tool for trader to analyze  the level of stock. Pivot calculator is nothing but simple but effective tool.

You just enter the HIGH, LOW , CLOSE value of stock which is to analyze. Then  Pivot Calculator provide you output by calculating those figure. In output pivot calculator provides pivot values of stock, Resistance1, Resistance 2 , Support1,Support2 of specified stock.

Using this figure one can easily judge movement of stock with support to major indices. So one can manage to trading in specified level. If you get bands of stock which may moves price then you can more freely done trade without any fear in mind of where stock goes. No matter what will be trend in market, you can use this values both in uptrend or in downtrend also.

You can easily search in Google for ready software for calculator. Or if you don't want to download Then you  get pivot in just here.
                          PIVOT CALCULATOR

Personally I had use this tools several times.I didn't feel any problem with this tool. This is best tool with minimum input values. Only I feel this tool not much useful in sluggish market. This tool interpret data very quickly. You can use this tool for any type of market and any country.

Use this tool to earn profit. Hope you find it useful. If any problem or any other queries feel free to write in comment. Positive comments are always welcomed. If you have any other tool for stock market then feel free to write to know our readers.

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