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You must remember 5 TIPS when your in market!!

Friday, June 5, 2009 | Labels: , , , , | |


Every trader come in market before opening bell of market, most of them do from own laptop and some of them go to online terminal in broker house. Before market open every one remind and try to scratch some own made rules on glass of mind. As the market bell ringing and war starts between buyers  and sellers. Every rule in scratch in morinig start to faint and forget At the end of day most of defeated warrier think again to set new set of rules for themselves. Winning one smile and thought for recap of all day.

So mostly we forget about comman sense why are we here?

So I like to remind you, no matter what type of work do in market, may be intraday trading, swing trading,long term trading, short term trading.

  • Always come in market
  • You are here to earn money.
  • Every one kick you , if you haven't money.
  • Without money you can not trade.
  • Broker's children shout to earn their bread and butter not for you, same think is apply for TV news channel. So accept their opinion on you own judgement.

If you keep this think in you mind whole day when your trading then who will found your succesful person in market with lot of money earned.

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