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Your new FREE template will stole your traffic and money!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | Labels: | |


Blogger always wants to make more attractive to their blog. To make attractive blog, most of the blogger are use free templates avialable on net. On net world so many free templates provider. They are provide templates as per your blog's requirement. Most of blog templates are 2 coloum, 3 column, chikleet type. This template make more attractive and earning to your blog.

While thinking about change template you should aware about some loop holes which found generally in available free templates. So many template provider are genuine and provide you best of template without any loop hole. As we seen so many types of flow of thought, same are available in net world also. They may use your hard work in the benefit of themselves. Personally I found so many tactics when I first time use free blog template.

Normally free blog template who want to use your blog to earn money use following tricks.

1. They publish their own ADS so they can earn money through your blog.

How To Tackle this problem:
A) Use genuine template provider.

B) When you upload template check HTML Or XML code of your template. Use "find" option of your browser by typing "PUB". When use this find you get word match with PUB. With this you will find PUBLISHER ID, match every PUB ID with your PUB ID. If it is not match with your ID replace them with your own ID. So your own ADS will display. Check whole Template thoroughly.

C) Some time you may not find any another PUB ID, but some external file will run at time of template running. Normally this file are written using JAVA, do their extension is like " .js". Found respectable link using ".js" in find option your blog. If found any suspicious link delete them( Before make any change in your template take back up of your template first.)

2.Your blog's traffic may diverted to other web site.

This problem also I had found in some template.
How To Tackle this problem:

Check template thoroughly. If any suspicious link is found delete it( Before make any change in your template take back up of your template first.) .

Normally this type of problem is found in Archive of new template. ARROW of hierarchy or some extra graphics are provided with ARROW of hierarch with diverted to external web address. You can now check external link. Delete them or Replace them with your own blog address.


Take back up of your template before using any tips provided here. So you will minimise of chances of loose your template.

When you make any change, watch it using PREVIEW so you can get ides of changes.
Don,t delete file or link with extension of ".gif"or ".jpeg" or ".jpg". It may your templates decorating items. This may cause of improper template loading.

This trick and tips will help to save any suspious movment thruough your blog. Save potential of your hard worked and builed blog.

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