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Every investor must read-Story of trader as Case study

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Some events make us shock. They teach us valuable lesson from others shoes. It is not necessary to learn by own experiences, you may learn from others also.

Today my colleague Mr. Ramaroa (name changed) meet me. He is active in Indian stock market as investor as well as trader from last 10 year. He is introvert person, but he sit with me. Today his face loss his shine and smile, I guessed something is wrong. He share his experiences and journey in market. I am not asking him anything for this.

My face is feel most of friend promising so always share their secrets with me. This is first time I wrote about anything about another life. It feel me important to share this words to investor as well as my reader. You can read this word as case study. You can free to conclude own Moral.

Mr Ramrow said" I am happy person in life. Everything is okay still end of this Bull run." He continued his words with his own mood, " I entered in market 10 years ago. Before come to stock market. My investment portfolio was almost 30% of my earning. I was financially secured." I asked him, " Now You will be with good money in market, as you are most experienced person. ( I know, he is always update himself with financial world). Mr. Ramroa prompted, "Now I am with heavy loan only." Latter He told me his story in detailed.

With Mr.Ramroa's word I make some conclusion which I put here;

  • He make good money in Delivery of stock, latter he shift to trading.
  • In intraday trading of equity he make good money initially.
  • As he on winning side most of time.His confidence on high of peak. He start to bet with more and huge quantity.
  • He make money but load of brokerage start increasing, even with losing trade.
  • He become savvy to day trading. As increase in losing trade ,due to start to make more and more bet. This main cause to go deep in mountain of loss
  • He diverted all other source of money to market, which cause all money oped to high risk and evaporates in market
  • He used credit card and other loan facility to raise fund, this make him heavy burden of interest money
  • He was not advise to good financial Adviser, He don't want to waste his base capital

  • In this way he goes in deep loss and burden of loan. Now he try to start from Zero. Still he not loose his confidence. He is still active in market. Now he always ask to financial adviser. Hope his financial condition may sound very soon.

    What you think for this words, feel free to share yourself.

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