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Historical data of NIFTY

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 | Labels: | |


Before this artical, I had published article on Historcal data for SENSEX. This artical found so many intrest of reader. So today I am preparing this arical regarding Historical view of Nifty with its charts and values on yearly basis.

Here I provided data from 1990 because of data availability to me.
This data presented here, is doing best for understand and easy manner. So one can eaily use this data for future reference.

Closing values of Nifty are provided on yearly basis. If there had any holiday then one day before closing data is provided. All values are on closing basis. 9 march 2009's value of nifty given becuase of sharp fall, so you can make accurate analysis of Nifty.

Date               Close
3-Jul-90          279.02
3-Jul-91          399.85
3-Jun-92         860.01
2-Jul-93          668.67
1-Jul-94          1262.06
3-Jul-95          938.50
3-Jul-96          1080.00
3-Jul-97          1214.90
3-Jul-98          900.55
2-Jul-99          1197.85
3-Jul-00          1495.25
3-Jul-01          1069.80
3-Jul-02          1069.90
3-Jul-03          1144.65
2-Jul-04          1537.50
1-Jul-05          2211.90
3-Jul-06          3150.95
3-Jul-07          4357.55
3-Jul-08          3925.75
9-Mar-09        2573.15
7-Jul-09          4291.00

This is work for sake information purpose for investor as well as trader. Hope this work prove best for you. If you have any queries fell free to write in comment.

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