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Untapped RURAL Market of India

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | Labels: , , , | |


India is country of Asia, with huge population. India's population is more than 1 billion. Most of market figures in News paper only belong to urban India. This figures related to merely 30% of population of India. 70% is huge market opportunities as market. One can use this untapped market to prosperity of their business as well as society.

Rural market is very less prone to recession and slowdown because of untapped it. One of the great example of successful business industry is "Mobile market". Mobile industry penetrate itself in base level of economy. They can now taste of their hard work in terms of profit.

Indian rural market is uncovered till the recession. Now big companies as well as MNC's are looking this market as great opportunity. One can penetrate in any market with positive approach only. If one run behind unrealistic profit then this product ruins there image in public mind. In mobile market before Reliance communication era this strategy found. One can compare call rate pre-Reliance and present. This is one of the major reason to success of mobile industry. You can look on progress of those companies who charge irrational rate for their product.

Rural industry is wide scope for various project. There is great chance to Consumer, nutrition health care, telecom , banking and service industry.

If companies will do business on realistic profit then they will help themselves and society also. This is good chance of ethical business. They help to provide jobs to millions of hands. This is way fare way to see included growth.

So one can easily concluded that this great market to explore if one have will and dare to expand their businesses.

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