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WANT to Become Technical Analyst-Use this guide line

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | Labels: | |


Want to free from trap of SMS, and other channel of tips. Then you are at right place. This not as tough you think.

Everyone in market are come to earn money.  This quite clear!!  As we are starting to become experienced one in market, we understand the power of information. This is because of for every day we start to seek right stock for trading. Every one try to choose right stock and right time. So trader are use various channels to acquire information.  More people are go to SMS channels provided by various sources.  Some of them start to  analyze it on our own risk. Various method are exercise by trader.

To become good analyst for we search various E-books on net. Use net for extensively for this purpose. This is right way to get updated information.

One can become Technical Analyst using Net also. I am also always search in Right way to predict stock or prices using Technical Term. Self study is always tough, not because of toughness of market. It is tough due to self- discipline. Average person are lack for self-discipline.  Every one wants ready material for any subject. I feel this  due to academic style of India. Very less people are prone for self-study.

If you ready for self study Then Go through below topics to become Technical Analyst. These topics are very important.

  •     Introduction & Basics of Stock Markets
  •     Discipline
  •     Basic Trading Concepts
  •     Charting Techniques
  •     Support and Resistance
  •     Types of Charts
  •     Chart Patterns and Trading
  •     Moving Averages
  •     Technical Indicators
  •     Options Trading Strategies
  •     Technical Oscillators
  •     Candle Sticks Pattern: Advanced
  •     Box Trading System
  •     Swing Trading System
  •     1-2-3 Trading System
  •     Elliot Wave Theory
  •     Pivot Point Trading
  •     Fibonacci Levels
Study each topic thoroughly.  Do practise every day on paper. Try to evaluate your analysis. Technical analysis is correct almost 60 to 80%. So practise for best. You can soon find self as Technical analyst.

This are topics are mostly covered in tailored made syllabus for Technical Analysis. For Every topic you can found tones of E-books on web. Just Use Google to search Right BOOKS for you.

If you want to make Technical Analyst as profession, then go through academic courses. There are so many courses are available in India.  Basic courses are best one for beginner.

Again I want to make clear that, all information provided here to keep in trader is center point who want to become Free from SMS and other any tips channel.

If you want to make carrier in Technical analysis then go through right academy.

I had write many article on most of above topics.  Use them for starting journey of Technical Analyst. My article help you as to give brad idea I suggest you,not rely only those. Find another material on net using your brain an will. Net is world's biggest treasure

If this article help you to draw your path, then feel free to right. Your positive suggestion help you to our reader and encourage to give best to our reader.

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