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Every trader must read if want to live

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | Labels: , | |


We are trader. No doubt we did our job hard. All other crowd looking at us as high greed person. I don't want to tell you how they think for us. Other can not watch how much pressure we handle daily. We are always in search of good. I agreed we are some what more greedy than others. This is require for our profession. (Here I pointed out trader because this is my own profession. This word helps to all)

I want to attract you attention that we handle pressure, some time we buried our self in big anxiety. We always sitting on chair or sofa. Overall our life style is unnatural. We avoid lunch so many time when our position in creep of loss. We eat junk food while trading time to satisfy our hunger. All come those reflect there reflection on our body. We become big belly dad, white hair, marks below eyes. Our age seems more than 10 years what we have. There may be some exception but I am not classified in those lucky people. They are great they maintain their health. Most of trader like me till not think for that.

This is time to wake up for our body, soul and mind. If you are healthy then continue health exercise. If not then start exercise. Having any health problem ? First consult your Doctor then start exercise. You can not deserve any leisure if you have not healthy body, mind soul. Money can not buy health for you. Money only help you to equip you with so many equipments. Money help you to go doctor. Pay your bill. So every one should look at our own self and make . If you want to live more and heatheir you should sweat some. You have to make at least jogging daily.

So start to exercise. Start slowly but consistently. Avoid extra workout. No one can build Rome in single day. There is one Chinese proverb “ Journey of thousand miles start with single step”. So start step by step. There may chances to exhaust you mind. Rest for some while start again. Don't leave any thing in middle.

If you don't no what to do in exercise. Go on and SEARCH “:weight loss”, “six pack abs”. This is for your shape body. For your soul and mind “YOGA is best one”. Buy one CD of Ramdev BABA. Start !! There is one CD pack of Ramdev BABA, which gives you scheduled of whole week. Watch this wonderful Pranayam. You should find your all problem varnish in few weeks.

My reader must promise me, do exercise daily. I will give promise to all I will do.
If you have any suggestion don't hesitate to write.

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