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FREE Intraday Tips For 18/08/2009

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FREE Intraday Tips For 18/08/2009

Monday session is very sloppy to slide, we were witnessed to those continuous RED ZONE. If your are remember something watch my free words for this shorting movement on date . I don't want to say that my prediction is 100% right. But I want to catch your eyes, that we can broadly predict Nifty and SENSEX. There is no requirment of any trading software, trading system or technical analyst. If you one can understand "Law of Supply and Demand". Then we come to prediction for ourself of Nifty and SENSEX crucial level. So try to grab new knowledge and test it on our expeirence.  

Buy above Stoploss Target1 Target2 Sellbelow Stoploss Target1 Target2
72.7 72.34 73.76 75.89 72.16 72.52 70.57 69.15

Buy above Stoploss Target1 Target2 Sellbelow Stoploss Target1 Target2
314.01 312.43 323.65 332.43 311.64 313.22 305.23 294.01

Buy above Stoploss Target1 Target2 Sellbelow Stoploss Target1 Target2
1182.69 1176.87 1197.9 1233.77 1173.96 1179.78 1146.82 1125.79

First session warn you about this week so,be careful. Saving Capital is more important than earning profit. You can earn profit only with Capital. So save capital.

We are providing both side of level, if there any mishap in any side of you position. Then use stop-loss. After the right time again enter with new position. Just try to adjust yourself with Nifty and SENSEX. Use both direction in your favor. If you are not able to do same time then, try judge market broad direction. If you are confuse for market direction, then it is better to do not trade on that day.

It normally seen market that more  volatility is way to make good profit. Most of the trader are winning side when market is volatile. Don't forget to use stop-loss with proper point for exit early and save capitlal.
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