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This question is always rise in mind of everyone. How they become RICH? Is it possible penny less can become millionaire?  "YES" one can become millionaire. BECOME RICH is process, like process of chemistry. Just you have to follow it in series.

In this article I am elaborating first step of become RICH.


This may is common thing among all, every one come with financial knowledge from their parents. Why one can not learn it own? There may some prejudice in knowledge of predecessor. So it is quite easy and wise decision to make own path by own learning. This is some time feel hard to learn some thing which related to money. We all always afraid to fail, more we afraid to take financial decision. This not that hard as you think. If you make yourself educate for financial ideas then you can take wise decision over time.

There is not always you come from financially wise family. So there is always not chance to wise gift of knowledge come in hand. So it is to better to start with own. Give thanks to technology. In recent time "Internet" come with huge amount of knowledge on single click. There is amount of time information available with free of charge. Financial literacy is very important. No matter if you are currently penny less, but with little effort you can be millionaire.

Why financial literacy is important to you?

  • To make your money safe
  • Planning for your rest life.
  • To take decision of investment
  • To invest wisely.

Financial literacy teach us;
  • Setting financial goal
  • Help to create and maintain budget.
  • Planning for expenditure
  • Basic things of banking
  • Basic Instruments of investments
  • Value of Insurance
  • Know how of taxes.
  • Understanding impact of Inflation on our money

With continuous discussion of HOW TO BECOME RICH. I will tell you step of become RICH. Keep join.

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