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How you will spend your money?

Monday, August 31, 2009 | | |


Spending money is use of your money. Money in bank and paper is always remain on paper.Spending money for you, your family and society is use of money. When I sit near my desk, I come trough this funny question, "Where one can spend money?" So I start to list of all spending but feel good for one causes.

Just go through this reason. Do you spend one of them? This list for them who drink in bar and come to sleep on bed as routine. There is another way of spending for you. There is so many other reason also available which gives you joy of spending. Rather than headache in morning of hang-over.

Money Spending HOT Reason;

  • Buying stylish high END car or Bike
  • This buying feel you world is not smarter than your choice. You can look faces of crowd when you passes on road. 
  • Gadgets
  • This era is full with amazing gadgets. You can be 007 with those latest gadgets. Single mobile itself consist wide range varieties, so you feel great when those gadgets in your hand.
  • Dinning
  • Just go through great restaurant where famous chef is waiting to serve you. Just watch those dishes, your mouth could not bear waiting for it. Color, arrangement, serving style makes you fan of them. Whole world's great restaurant are waiting for you. 
  • Wine
  • Sparkling glasses are look like stars in dark sky. Thousand of tastes till your tongue not tasted. Wide range of wines, unique in self wait for you and your loving one. Aroma of wine wants pour in your tongue. 
  • Thousand of unrevealed destination waiting for your footprints on them first time. Just go through world, watch various types of faces, people,their living style which you always watch in NATGEO. 
  • Need of Society
  • There is uncountable of mouth are waiting for food. They are wait for your donation. Their tear are dry on faces for help. You can become human. You can help them. You can choose what ever you want. This all spending gives utter joy. Hope you like this my thoughts.

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