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15th August is Independence day of India. This is day on which India get Independent from British Empire. On this day rules of India is come in hand of public of India. So many people are struggle for this. From Mangle Pandey to Mahtma Gandhi. All are throw their lives in road of Independence. So many people are tribute to those Heroes of Independence. Those are leader in war of Independence.

This ARTICLE IS SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO THOSE Independence warrior whom name never written in history. Most of them are from BHILLA community. Other who fight on borders for MOTHER INDIA. I am proud to be Indian.

I know till we are fighting every day to become free in every area of life. I believe every one get free from all problems. Just we have to fight. For poverty, for better health, for better society, for become better human, for better citizen of world.

We respect freedom. We respect every human being of world. I like to give thanks to whole world for their friendly support to my country. I am very happy person, because I alive with all free mind person from world. I like to invite all on India's Independence day.

This is special tribute to those who fight for humanity. I know my sentences some time randomly, but my feelings you can understand. I know there is world who full with good human. That's why we are alive on this earth.

Come and share our joy with you. Boundaries are made by Human. Try to sweep out boundaries and become human. Also give good wishes to Pakistan. They also get free one day before India. This time is very tough for them, but every dark disappear with sun.

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