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Track your portfolio On Mobile

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Track your portfolio On Mobile
This century is dedicated to mobile technology. Each day come with vast application to computing and easiness of life. Today if your looking towards financial growth of Indian stock market, so many people were attracted towards Indian market. Mobile technology is helping those people with latest solution for there problems. This is become necessity for mobile companies to provide such good features for there user else other player will provide this facility. Obviously no want to throw out of game. Okay come to point. Now you can check your portfolio, you can watch current rate of stock on mobile.

There are most of the Mobile companies are providing this faculties to check it. First upon as user of TATA INDICOM I like give information of their portfolio tracker.

TATA INDICOM provide you one software with you can check current rate of any Indian Stock. They also provide faculties to search stock by name and by code. When you choose stock of your portfolio. Then their automatically stock ticker runs of YOUR OWN STOCK. This feature is avoid hassle of searching and watch individual stock. I found this software good for myself. I say good because it gives approximately minutes before data.

RELIANCE AND AIRTEL Also comes with same features for their customer.

If you are a Vodaphone user in India, and associated with Indian Share Ma market, than now you can track Indian share market Live on your Mobile hand set, of course if you are using Voda phone SIM card. You can know all about your own portfolio and share market with Vodaphone. Just download Portfolio Tracker on your Vodafone mobile phone and stay in touch with the stock market from wherever you are. You can now get live stock prices, check indices, portfolio value, market news and forex rates, Set alerts on stocks, Add the stock to the Stock Watch, Add the stock to the ticker, Stock Watch, Market Indices, Market News, you the values and changes af ter previous session’s closing value of key market indices like SENSEX, BSE MIDCAP, BSE SMALLCAP & NIFTY 50, BSE100, BSE200 etc. For information goes to LINKS FOR YOU

There is different way to activate those services on your mobile . For this services ask your relevant operator. Most of Mobile service provider cost you not more than 100Rs. for those services. JUST ASK TO YOUR OPERATOR. ACTIVATE AND ENJOY. Now you are free from Desktop.

One important thing Use good features mobile for those services , so you will get faster and good quality service.

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