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Want buy car in Mumbai, then pay extra....!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009 | | |


Are you live in Mumbai? Are you live in Delhi? Are you live in Calcutta? I don't want know the answer for this question. If you are living any city except Mumbai (Maharashtra), then you are lucky.
Person who lived in Northern India are lucky one. Do you want to know why I am talking about it?
If you go to purchase car in Northern Metro cities you find cheap as compare to Southern part (Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad ). Ex showroom price of Delhi for any car is much more less than Ex-showroom at Mumbai.

If you are want to buy Maruti Alto Lxi. It's Ex-Delhi Price Rs.2,73,595​/-+ (Insurance +Road Tax= which is not more than Rs.16000/- and Ex-Mumbai Price Rs.320,267/- + (Insurance+ Road Tax=which is almost Rs. 35000/-). Now you can understand why I am say you are lucky one. Price difference in make Marutui Alto Lxi almost Rs. 50,000/- more costlier in Mumbai.

In this cost Road tax and Insurance made huge difference. There is so much price deflection in all over country. If you go to Banglore Maruti Alto Lxi goes more costlier than Mumbai. In this way you have to pay more if you are live in southern India.

This may go much more difference if you go for costlier model of any company. This is due to tax difference, some tax are applicable by Centre and rest of apply by State government. My tiny brain tells me that there must be equal taxes all over India. What you think about it? Just right your opinion.

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