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Contingency fund must be near to you.

Monday, September 21, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Contingency fund always must near to you.

This era is very competitive. Some says that money is nothing, some say money is everything. We don't want to be in debate of that.Value of money in life is important. Every one required constant money source for their family. One can talk big word only after with full stomach. If your stomach is empty nothing will entertain you.

In this recession so many hands lose their lose jobs. This may cause to make hard their lives. This types of typhoon are come in life always. So every one must be prepare for them. This will saves your family from starvation. You can retain your current lifestyle in worst period if you had make some provision for that.

No matter what is your financial position, what is your profession? but I know every one want to be save themselves and their family from worst time. So better to start to raise some contingency fund for any mishap. We earn in good time and spend it whole. This is our normal routine. If we slightly change our routine then we can make our future safer and protected from and calamity

If every family must be spend for their need only after pays share of their contingency fund, then no one found themselves helpless at any worst condition. This small habit can save your life, lifestyle, education of your child. payees your bill in worst time.

It is wise decision to dig well before than thrust else you will die. This is only direction. Wise people understand my intention, it is now upon you what to do?

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