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Friday, September 11, 2009 | Labels: , | |


This week market was able to cross 16000 level by SENSEX also Nifty crosses 4800. This is main events of this week.

This is very good news that Nifty sustain on level of 4800. This level will become positive golden line for future rally of Nifty.

I always hope bullish. What you think about next maket rally?
This is time to buy. If you go through my last some article then you should know why I write this?

Feel free to write your prediction from market. Is it time to cover from Global ression shadow. I am always bullish on Indian stock Market.Do you?

Indian economy will give you good return in future. So it is time to invest in Indian economy. This time stock are on near to price of 2007. They are ever cheap to buy for long term prospect. One can build there porfolio with good stock with undervalued good stock.

Do you agree with my recommandation?
Then think for that. Time will prove...everything.

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