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Techinical analyst may kill themselves due to false simulation

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | | |


Continuous bull market create false simulation of self-confidence of trader. This may vanish when market fall like cruel fall from top of 21000 to 8000 nearly 60% fall. Your trading skill is tested in such worse condition. This is psychological state where you have to keep you mind cool and calm. You have to retain your mind position not in market but also in home and society.

Technical analysis only benefited you,if you have skill to use various moving average and candlestick pattern to not to analysis lag in of price but also lid the price (predict next trend). If you are not able to do this then you are wasted your time with various charts and figures. Then it is better to make simple trading system and use long term instruments to protect and grow your investment. This is not question of failure of yourself. It is question of your investment. No matter if you fail to predict but you should able to protect your capital, if you understand your analysis.

Simple trading system also give good money rather than trading. Trading is serious business. You have to be alert every time. You may some time feel that your position in future make you worry in night. This condition occur in most of trader when they cannot predict market trend, Then mind is start to give so much cruel signal to your brain. This cause some trader cannot sleep well. This is very bad time.

If you believe on your own perdition then you can save yourself from this insomnia. In this condition where you are not clear about next use stop-loss. This will protect you money and peace of mind. We are here for money. Money for our family and our self.  Then what will price of that money when it stole our sleep? You are wise to understand give answer of yourself.

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