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Where will SENSEX and Nifty goes?

Monday, October 19, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


 Market is testing to itself. Market test buyers and sellers. Force of demand and supply decide whether market will go up. So many variable are support and pull market. So it is best way to assume own prediction or follow others. One can give you only idea or ways. You have to decide you way own. No one can help you to take decision.

In recent period SENSEX and Nifty and are sustain for good bull rally. This is happen due to good global support for economics as well as Indian economy sustain himself in bad condition of recession also. We are witnessed to good comeback of SENSEX. If you can see last four months graph you can understand how market are played.

This is crucial time for market. It can be expressed by Michel Kahn in very specific manner for other condition. This word looking fit for our market also.

It may go up, but not as fast. It may pause to rest in a
quiet trading range, or it may pause to rest in a volatile trading range.

Are you agree with me for this word?. If not , then define market current market condition. Your valuable views are welcomed for our reader.

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