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Check it before buying trading software

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Trading software can make you wealthy. Trading software are piece of codes which helps to investor and trader to perform their operation easily. They behave from stock picker to technical analyst. With help of trading software one can pick right moment to buy stock. In this way trading software are helps trader to make their own trading system.

Know some important thing before buying trading software. There is check list for buying trading software. If you are go through some online forum about trading software, then you will find that there are so many beating their head after buying software. So rather than crying afterword, check this point before.
Easily Understandable Many trading software are hard to understand. Most of Software designer thinks that every trader must have technical analyst, they design software so much hard to understand. There are so many things are setup before use the software. Data interfacing is one of the worst part in most of software.

Even some software provide module of interface for real time data. I know, their purpose is make easiness in synchronizing but it become worst part to normal user like me.

Good Customer service
Customer service is most important part in software else one can loose lot of money. Many time in initially trader require help to understand various indicator and cumbersome formulas. Without help software become cause of high blood pressure.
Software must have high accuracy. Ask software firm about their customer response. If they provide you contact details then ask them personally. You are going to pay them, so try to get all information to satisfy your mind.
Mode of Software
Understand which type of software you are buying. Your purpose must be defined.
There are two types of trading software;

  • REAL time trading software: This software gives you real time analysis to buy stock.
  • Offline trading software: Some software are use EOD (end of day) data. This software useful to understand and find great stock for next day.
Check forums
Once you select any trading software then check various forum. Check what they write for your selected software
This information is helps you before buying trading software.

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