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Enjoy travelling with making travel budget

Monday, November 16, 2009 | | |


Travlling on vacation is one of the great idea to spend time with our loving one. Travelling is one art. There should some aspects to plan before travelling like;

  • how much time you have to
  • find out good place to travel
  • your money spending capacity for travelling
  • These all aspects are major while you think for travelling. Once you define time and find out place, then major part is remain that budget for travelling. Make prior plan for anything is very good habit. Always follow it. Prior planning avoid so many problems. In case of travelling it will cut your bill of hotel, transport bill, hurry. Main thing is will give you joy of vacation. It keeps your peace of mind. Your family feel proud on you. While making travelling budget keep every aspects of spending. Travelling budget is giving you idea of all requirement. First thing plan your vacation in "ADVANCE". Ask your friend if they travel same place before. This will give you some outer clue of money required for that place. Most of places are costly than your city, so it will rise your budget. Now we are think for make travel budget. Make modules of budget.
  • Provision for Emergency
  • you may feel odd, but first make emergency provision. This gives you feeling of security while you travel and enjoy with your family. There may chances to slip your hand every time for shopping. This may cause over expenditure. So it is better way to first keep aside pie of emergency.
  • Provision for transportation
  • Transport takes big amount while you travelling. Define your mode of transport whether it will be by air, by road or by rail. Give preference to prior reservation of tickets. If you travel by air then check that flight available for your destination, fair. Try to make prior reservation, but make day that which would not make hurry. Give proper timing to enjoy.
  • Provision for hotel and food
  • In travelling you also have to eat and night you have to sleep. Hotels are available for prior booking, book them in advance. Always eat hygenic food in travelling. Fruits are good way to keep you healthy. Take fruits in good amount. Avoid overeating in travelling. Illness may loose your precious time. Keep first aid box with you.
  • Provision for miscellaneous
  • Some expenditure are we can't predict. There may be horse riding so go on top of hill, there may toll points in road which suck your money. In this way you can make your budget . This is outline budget. Use paper to write down everything. You can make it in diary. I want to make clear that hard sheet you can carry with you without power. Make those all calculation. This may feel boring thing, but it will increase enjoy by double. You can every bit of time to enjoy with your family. When your next time come in this place tell us adventure of trip. If you have more ideas to make your trip enjoyble them share with us.

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