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My trip to Shimla

Sunday, November 8, 2009 | | |


Last few days I was unable to provide you new tips for supporting your trading style. I not away from market, this was little pause for rejuvenate. I was in Shimla for last few days with my family and friend. So due to that I was not in condition to provide you Intraday tips.

I am apologized to all if any inconvenience.

Okay I like to give you one good message. That little free time with friends and family is change life and release all tension. This is very good time being with our loving one. I not advised but recommend give little time to family. It will gives you new energy to struggle against all odds.

Rather than goes to big vacation I like to give little time with regular interval. I thought continuous nurturing is best than flood of giving. It is not necessary that anyone agree with me.

Those sentence is only my practical understanding. I was really enjoy stayed in Shimla. Shimla is very nice place. This was second time I visited to Shimla.

Now I will try to provide you Intraday tips daily.

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