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Simple Free Tips for wise investor

Friday, November 6, 2009 | | |


This not always easy to make money in market. We are take hard effort to suck money from market. To preserve this money is also our responsibility. There is simple overlook can spill money from our account. There is some example of how our hard money will escape from our hand like sand.

  • There may be penalty to you for late payment.
  • see account statement regularly
  • smaller due amount may be cause of higher penalty
  • keep track of your delivery share, goes in proper account
  • Be careful when you will signed any document at broker house, it may be cause of offline transfer of shares
In this way simple tricks can save your valuable money. You can also suggest more way to save money, which helps to other also. If you will occur any problem them don't forget to lodge complaint in SEBI.

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