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Friday, December 25, 2009 | | |


Last few days were to much busy for me, that's why I was unable to give time for providing tips. Recently I was working on another interesting project. This make busy. God gives only 24 hours to all, wish they may be more. Those days are so much travel around whole India make me traveler like Disovery channels members. I like to travel.

In last days I travel in big part of India. My travel make me more broad and free. I like travel. I like to watch people, their behaviour, way of life style.

In last few days I had used every mode of travel. I travel by walk, by bus,by  private auto, travelling in railway general compartment to AC compartment. Peoples are same but there behaviour are different.

This word directly come from my heart. So they are unedited. When I am in home I first make this post. I missed all my reader very much.

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