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Indian Economy : Is it really "Dark Horse"?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | Labels: | |


Problems were come. They are face it confidently. Noone believe on them, but they swim in sinking time with great stamina. This sentences are not for any other, but for Indian economy. Indian economy flourish in crisis period of American Subprime. Before day before two days Indian stock market hit 52 week high with 7% (approx.) gain in one year. Still Indian stock market pace to run 7 to 8% chance to run in short run.

There is huge potential in Indian stock market. Indian economy emerge as Dark horse in recent years. It goes in leadership of Mr.Singh. After escape from "License Raj" Indian economy flourish. Indian economy will prove as heaven to investor all over world.

Indian banks are purely stick to core banking. Indian bank sector is one of the good example to stick to principle. So banking sector proved as one of the strong sector. This is one of the example of Indian economy. There is more strong area of Indian economy. One can remain bullish in coming days for Indian economies future. India is good place to grow investment.

Then what you think, Indian economy is really "Dark Horse" in emerging market?

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