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Shining GOLD

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | Labels: , | |


Shining GOLD
GOLD make high of Rs. 18629/- in last days.This is record break High of Gold in India. Indian's are always allure for gold. What will happen with those bull trend in market? Will this bull trend minimise demand of Gold in India? I think answer of Indian is obviously "No". Indian and Japanese are fan of GOLD. Not only they use ornaments of Gold, but they are very well aware of POWER OF GOLD in front of paper money.

If we are looking at present scenario most of couturiers produced more paper currency to diminish the inflation. Result in Demand of Gold. So they are also gives demand to gold miner companies for more coins of Gold.
E.g. of Germany.

Necessity of GOLD is from various countries  as well as household investor make GOLD more shiner.

Some GOLD analyst belived there is double in price from present price pf GOLD. If there is bull run why you are away from GOLD?

GOLD demand in India will remain constant due to cultural touch to use ornanments. In this marriage season. Gold demand increase and helps to spike in price.

Precution: Do your investment with proper guidence of your consultant.

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