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NIFTY prediction for 1 DEC 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 | Labels: , , | 0 Comments |


Today Nifty open in red.Till the 12:30 in the noon Nifty remain in red, in later session Nifty throw laziness away. This todays highlight. Still Nifty unable to close upon stiff resistance of 5875.

Still I am bearish on Nifty, I feel this is there is some profit booking on short side. What do you think? Write your view with our reader.

Tomorrow we can expect good moves on Hind. Construction, BGR Energy, Orbit Corp., Indiabulll real estate. One can do intraday trade on this counter.

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Nifty prediction for 30 November2010

Monday, November 29, 2010 | Labels: , | |


Today NIFTY turn as per my prediction. This was main cause of worry for me on Friday. Today Nifty gain almost 1.36% in green side. This is proved as grave for fresh short.

Tomorrow if Nifty able to sustain above level of 5850, then this will first alarm for short position. If Nifty break level of 5875, then it will be best to unload from short for some time.
(Those are my view. You should use your brain also. After all market is risky place and trading is serious business.)

If Nifty not crosses 5850, then this will indication of still bearish mode. One can easily conclude that bear grip is still strong, if remain todays close.

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TRADE TIGAR good experience of trading

Sunday, November 28, 2010 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


Tody my one of friend is invited me to attain Sharekhan's seminar. My friend wants to open new Demat account in Sharekhan. This seminar is introductry seminar on TRADE TIGER. Then I feel that this type of semiar are very essential for new comers in market. No matter Sharekhan educate to thier custpmer before they purchase their product. Till I had found intresting, because my friend satisfied with this seminar. Don't conclude that I am sales person of Sharekhan team. Here today I revealed some pros and cons about TRADE TIGAR.

This article is for my those user, who are want real time trading platform with good tool facility for technical analysis. Don't conclude that I am join to sharekhan's sales force.
TRADE TIGAR is java based trading client for trading. It is provide investor and trader to do trading in real time. You can trade from home.
What shuold require to use TRADE TIGAR?
1. First you have to enroll to sharekhan
2. Download .net frame work from
3. Download TRADE TIGAR from
4.Install first .net frame work on your pc. Then install Trade Tigar.
5. Now your ready to use, just enter your secrect information that is login ID and password.

What is feature of rade tigar?
A. Tade Tigar provides defaulr lisr of pre-setted ticker list. You can also make your own to watch list.
B. Real time graph and beat five buyer and seller window.
C. You can easily place order with this software.
D. Trade Tigar equipped with some basic indicatior, which are basic but powerful. You can study technical analysis with those set of indicator.
E. Trade Tigar include MACD ,RSI,ADX, MA,STOCHASTIC,Bollingar band, which are sufficient to new learner and make good money.

So aboce those feature I had discuss with my friend. Now he is satisfy and think to open Demat account in Sharekhan.

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What NIFTY SAYS this week and next?

Friday, November 26, 2010 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


Nifty is trading in red zone continuously from last four session. Negative news on globe were main cause to set trend negative on fire. Nifty falls freely from the point of 6000 mark. If you are watched at Graph then you can understand that how fast Nifty fall. If you were on negative side then you are lucky person, else you know how much losses are now . Nifty is become too volatile. Movement of Nifty becomes higher on intraday, which cause anxiety in traders mind on both side of Nifty. You can check my article for this fall, so you can justify this fall to yourself.

As main trend become negative, it will become better to go with trend. There are some spike on today session to go Nifty in positive. There are some sign that are some buying with good volume. In last two session of Thursday and today (Friday) Nifty have been trying to come in positive side of buying. If you should watch some recovery on short term on Monday session, then don't be surprise.

On last session of week Nifty after opening on positive side on 5828.55, it is only add 10 point to make day's high5838.5 and low are 5690.35 ( almost 150 below from day high). Still closing on promises some what to bulls that it close on 5751.( Check my last article on Nifty prediction for 26 November 2010). Then you are understand why 5751 is closing of today.

In last two session bulls were trying to push their position, at least to make sustain in this negative time. If you are asking to me that really those negative news are hamper market, then my answer is NO. As per my view that News are created after happening moment. If you are only think for Indian stock market then just give some strain on your brain, then you can realize that this correction is must required to go ahead on New top. Indian stock market were come from 4000-6338, that is 2338 point rally in last bull rally. Then there is some need to correct, isn't it?.

Rally start first, then all News agencies were stitch this coincidence with current situation. This my view about the BAD NEWS. What you think about my view? Am I right? Tell me your view. Okay come to the point, In next week Nifty will try to stabilize, as effect of short covering. You are having very good memory then, scratch head and tell yourself that this correction rally already done correction of 550 point in Nifty. Is it enough to recover in first phase? Just wait! Don't go to conclusion!! This is little short covering remain in market. (You can ask me how? Then go to learn Elliot wave, watch figure of falling condition of Elliot wave(Wave A and Wave B. You can easily found Elliot wave pattern on the web. Just visit to Google!!. You should found proof !!). This will momentary relief in to trader. If you should go short on Monday, then my advice is that stop for while for to stand short position in present scenario. There is chance of little buying in market.

At last all are writing are purely my view. If you want to use this information in market for investing or trading purpose, then I like to advise you that use your own brain first. After all trading is serious and risky business.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


Today Nifty close in negative with 66 points. This another one session added negative and supportive for bears. Global condition and internal affairs are become cause of remain market in bearish phase. Already Indian stock market was reached at good peak that rally need for relieve pressure. This rallies already relive very much excess pressure in price. In that season serial of bad news are added fuel for this bull rally.

I am believe that this rally is correction, which is very much needed for next major rally.

Today Nifty closing make very bearish to my mind as some days before Nifty closed on 5999, same way today nifty closed on same way in hanging point 5799.75.

FOR tomorrow 26 November 2010

Nifty have 5802 as pivot point and if Nifty is able to b remain above this point it will face resistance at 5851 an 5887.

On negative side using above pivot 5802 Nifty remain to play, on bearish side if nifty break below this then it will find support at 5777,if it break then it will try to touch at 5750 ….

This is my view. What is about you? If you have another view, feel free to share with our reader. Give those with proper cause. It will help to understand, your view about Indian stock market and Nifty.

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Nifty comebacks again on support level 6000

Monday, November 22, 2010 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


Nifty today rallied back on rally of 6010 119.70 points rally. This rally is sudden after the previous slide down of 108. Once again the level of 6000 start to become support for next run. As the market down with recent low, it make ground for new Bull rally in near future. This rally may started already from this low. If you are my reader then you very well aware that what I write about this correction. As per this article market reach almost near to 5850 (ie.5863.95 ) I miss 13,95 points away.(After all I am not professional analyst. If you are write this article, then use your own brain to think.).

Tomorrow market open in advance. Still there is chance to very 50 points gain in Nifty. Zigzag and oscillation are the nature of market. Market is to much volatile, so up and downs are make weak to our mind. Even though if I had right target of Nifty , still my chances of loose trade. This chances are same who doesn't know about Technical analysis.

So rather than go behind tips, it is better to train our heart and brain to handle emotion. Emotion are playing 50% crucial role. Emotion can stole your money, or it make hurdle to grab good profit. So it is better to educate yourself first. Market us unpredictable and illogical. With help of knowledge you can minimize risk and increase chances of winning. Knowledge is power.

Come back to our main topic. Nifty may try to reach at 7000 in year 2011. If I am not wrong, this correction is base for next bull rally. If you are good reader and information seeker, then you are very well aware that government want to disinvest from it's precious gem. This fist for investors. This is main cause that there is chance of bull rally.

It is my hope. Hope and fear are side of same coin. Those both coins are make and break market, as well as make happy or nervous to trader. These all above views are my own. I like to appeal you that use your own brain, mind. If you have another views and target for Nifty then fell free to write in comment. You views are precious as mine. No one is perfect here. So it is better way to share our experience can enhance our accuracy in market. This my own philosophy, after all I like open source every where in life.

One more thing. If you are good reader then there is huge collection of books are available on net. Those all books are available in PDF format. Download good books. Just you have to give time to read. I am also lazy person about reading books, but I love be in market. So spare some time for those books. Those books are good option for reader like me, who are not afford to buy hard copies. Feel free to ask.

Believe yourself. You can also learn anything in any age. My one of old friend did routine duty till the age of . Now he is estate broker with in six month. He started earning good(It is not ethical to disclose any one's earn). If he can try to learn new thing, then why not I am? Why not you? Just think....

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Can indicator are helps to exact entry and exit in stock ?

Saturday, November 20, 2010 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


In last octave of years I had started from root in market. I was not belongs to financial sector in initial market days. Later I feel necessity of formal eduction in finance (as days passes, I feel that I am wrong about. Still I am happy. This is only reason,I am near to purse master degree in finance)

I had started from "what is charts?" to "combination of indicators". I am travel in technical analysis with my very good friend s. They are also haves same background as liked me. We are passes road hand in hand. All things found necessary before go ahead in this article.

Today when I was discussing with my friend, I was found some interesting fact about technical indicator. Those all discussion raise question in mind which is heading of this article.

While when we are use various indicator one most important thing we must keep in some important point in mind
1.Most or all indicator are lagging indicator. ie. They are take past data as input to show output to us. So they only helps to assume entry or exit.They are not exact point.
2. Moving average is father of all indicators.
3. We can use various combination of indicator to make more precise analysis, which is cause of notional loses.
4.As we use more precisely than chances of whipsaw are proportionally increase .

If you understand and very well go through above points, then you are also probably raise question that really indicator held us to entry and exit. Your opinion also different than me. If you have another opinion than me, feel free too share your knowledge with our reader. After all it is open source era.

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Ignorance towards our study cause loss

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | | 0 Comments |


As student of Technical Analysis we are go through various emotional aatyachar of market. This
articles is based on what is emotional level of myself when go through analysis of any stock or indices. Technical analysis is one of my favorite subject.  Initially I had found so simple to go through various trends and indicator.

Myself and my friend both of us build various indicator. Those indicator are found profit sucker in market for few days, as market change those indicator start to give bunch of losses. In those moment it is very hard to accept on emotional side that our indicator start to goes against us.
So as obvious losses start to build higher peak. when I had accept that my indicator is not universal and suitable for current market condition, so many water passes below the bridge.

This is true that we are planing in market with fire. It is hard to go digest losses. You can not learn still you goes in water to learn swim. Theoretical knowledge on shore is not enough to swim in market. Emotional factor affect too much, which comes on stage when you are taking any position to test your study else you should ignore it. In this way studying is very proved as very expensive, but for gain something it should always be prepare for loss few.

It is better to change your way of study. Try to or more indicator to make firewall for each other.Define priorities. how should you are take stop-loss? All those thing first define. Stick to your
stop-loss strategy. for example Your taking three indicator like MACD, MFI,Stochastic. You are set priority
1 stochastic
First market forces stochastic breaks firewall. Then you can set rule that till if market forces break MACD then you will make stop-loss. In this way you can check override to emotional forces. Till those strategy found working for me. If there will any changes, I should inform you.

Have you have any strategy? Then feel free to share with our reader. This experience sharing can help us to go near to our goal of good amount of profit.

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NIFTY gives relif Rally

Monday, November 15, 2010 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


As we disscused in earlier article that on monday indian market gives relief rally, now today we are witnesses of that moment. Today market moves in green after breath holding trading day.

SBI and other banks which are beaten previous two session, recover with good zest. Power sector also contribute to moved Nifty on positive side. This is todays story.

Now as per my view market remain flat in first half. Tomorrow market try to neutralise both bear and bull forces in first session. In second half market try to take show result of both forces ie. negative and positive.

As my inner soul say to me, market is in hand of bear forces. Stop think emotionally. Best way swim with trend. (All those inner soul sound for me, you can hear your own soul voice. After all every one has soul, but be careful. First you have to educate your mind.

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Nifty and SENSEX in corrective mode

Friday, November 12, 2010 | | 0 Comments |


After big rally from 4900-6300 in Nifty and SENSEX from 15000-21000, both NFTY and SENSEX are exaust. This is long awaited correction in Indian stock market. On Monday we can expect relif rally from market. There is chance to market go upto 6200.

There is huge pressure of inflation on economy. Commodity prices
are also on sky high, oil price are advances. All those are few reason we can give to assure our mind.

This is nature,if something reach to top it must go down again.There may be chances to deep correction near to 18500 level in SENSEX and NIFTY it may upto 5650 level.

This article to aware my reader for correction. Do trading in small quantity. Accept losses and take steps to avoid losses, profit is capable to take care himself.

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Wish you Happy Diwali

Friday, November 5, 2010 | | 0 Comments |


Wish you very Happy Diwali. Wish this Diwali come with prosperity and joy for you and your family.

Diwali is festival of joy and prosperity. Enjoy !!!

Let cautious while eating sweet... Keep eye on health...
Enjoy vacation of Holiday of Diwali.

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