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Nifty comebacks again on support level 6000

Monday, November 22, 2010 | Labels: | |


Nifty today rallied back on rally of 6010 119.70 points rally. This rally is sudden after the previous slide down of 108. Once again the level of 6000 start to become support for next run. As the market down with recent low, it make ground for new Bull rally in near future. This rally may started already from this low. If you are my reader then you very well aware that what I write about this correction. As per this article market reach almost near to 5850 (ie.5863.95 ) I miss 13,95 points away.(After all I am not professional analyst. If you are write this article, then use your own brain to think.).

Tomorrow market open in advance. Still there is chance to very 50 points gain in Nifty. Zigzag and oscillation are the nature of market. Market is to much volatile, so up and downs are make weak to our mind. Even though if I had right target of Nifty , still my chances of loose trade. This chances are same who doesn't know about Technical analysis.

So rather than go behind tips, it is better to train our heart and brain to handle emotion. Emotion are playing 50% crucial role. Emotion can stole your money, or it make hurdle to grab good profit. So it is better to educate yourself first. Market us unpredictable and illogical. With help of knowledge you can minimize risk and increase chances of winning. Knowledge is power.

Come back to our main topic. Nifty may try to reach at 7000 in year 2011. If I am not wrong, this correction is base for next bull rally. If you are good reader and information seeker, then you are very well aware that government want to disinvest from it's precious gem. This fist for investors. This is main cause that there is chance of bull rally.

It is my hope. Hope and fear are side of same coin. Those both coins are make and break market, as well as make happy or nervous to trader. These all above views are my own. I like to appeal you that use your own brain, mind. If you have another views and target for Nifty then fell free to write in comment. You views are precious as mine. No one is perfect here. So it is better way to share our experience can enhance our accuracy in market. This my own philosophy, after all I like open source every where in life.

One more thing. If you are good reader then there is huge collection of books are available on net. Those all books are available in PDF format. Download good books. Just you have to give time to read. I am also lazy person about reading books, but I love be in market. So spare some time for those books. Those books are good option for reader like me, who are not afford to buy hard copies. Feel free to ask.

Believe yourself. You can also learn anything in any age. My one of old friend did routine duty till the age of . Now he is estate broker with in six month. He started earning good(It is not ethical to disclose any one's earn). If he can try to learn new thing, then why not I am? Why not you? Just think....

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