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NIFTY gives relif Rally

Monday, November 15, 2010 | Labels: | |


As we disscused in earlier article that on monday indian market gives relief rally, now today we are witnesses of that moment. Today market moves in green after breath holding trading day.

SBI and other banks which are beaten previous two session, recover with good zest. Power sector also contribute to moved Nifty on positive side. This is todays story.

Now as per my view market remain flat in first half. Tomorrow market try to neutralise both bear and bull forces in first session. In second half market try to take show result of both forces ie. negative and positive.

As my inner soul say to me, market is in hand of bear forces. Stop think emotionally. Best way swim with trend. (All those inner soul sound for me, you can hear your own soul voice. After all every one has soul, but be careful. First you have to educate your mind.

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