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Chinese language MANDARIN must need for Indians

Saturday, December 18, 2010 | | |


Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to visit INDIA in last week. There are many opportunity for businesses of CHINA and INDIA to grow their businesses in their field of acting. I know you all knows about this things clearly. I don't want to repeat those things. I just want to remind you again before proceeding.

Mandarin is official language of China. This is main concern of today's topic of article. Chinese economy is one of the fastet of economy. In China Mandarin used for office use, English is not used. So if you want to set your business in China, you are seeking business opportunity in India with help of Chinese OEM, if you are seeking job in China in all those cases you need to be in touch with Mandarin. So it is always best to learn Mandarin.

Now CBSE board propose to learn Mandarin to schools from standard VI. So it is always face positively. If you want to help yourself to boost business and make India as next super power, then adopt new emerg global language with English. This help us to nourishing our culture also. I know Indian are very east to adopt changes and learning new things. It is better way to learn new thing with protecting our identity.

There are various online free courses available on net. Need not to say Google will help us to find right course for us. If you found any good online free course for Mandarin, then I am requesting you to share with our reader. Knowledge sharing develope the human.

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