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SIVER shines more than GOLD glitter

Friday, December 10, 2010 | | |


Gold prices are touching to the sky nowdays. In India demand for Gold greater. Indian's like me, are always mad fan of gold. Gold is precious element. It is best option for secure investment. It awlays attract to womens as well as men for ornament. In last five year their is hike in price of Gold 3.5 time from 2005 Approx. Pricey Gold is keep new buyer away. Marriages and ornaments are basic cause for Gold, beside industrial use of Gold.

As economictimes there is higher demand of Silver. Siver comes as new instrument for investment Silver growth is 5 times from price of 2005. There is higher growth in silver return than Gold. Silver become to substitue in industrial use. Common people also like to invest in Silver in form of coin. They are not use it for ornaments, but they purchase it for growth in their portfolio. In India demand of silver increases day by day.

You can also look Silver coin as investment instrument. There is good scope in Silver price to increases. Most of bullion importer belives that still Silver has to go further. What is your view about Silver? Feel free to share.

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