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What will Nifty on 5 May 2011?

Sunday, May 1, 2011 | | |


Astrology is also helpful to study the divine cycle. Planetary effects on stock market were researched by so many scholars. Initially I am not agreeing with astrological effect on stock market. But as studied various cycle theory, I know most of repetitions of cycle after certain time. Those time period found most of time to match with planetary revolution around Earth (Western as well as Eastern astrological keep Earth as center. That is called they use Geocentric orbit).

That is not matter to astrology or me, if we both not agree with each other. Let it be as student of stock market and trading I have to follow all aspects of speculation. This is time for astrology.  I had studied astrology from last few months. I could able to speculate for myself for Nifty.  I am not dare to say that my all speculation are 100% right. There is some what near or close. So I like to say, “Judge my below speculation with as additional input for your study of market.”
May Nifty change on 5th May 2011?
On 5th May Saturn is entered in Virgo (Kanya Rashi), this event greatly effect to Nifty.  So be aware after 12 PM if you are trade in Nifty. This entrance can creep some in wrong position. If you are thinking to take position in Nifty or long your short position, think twice or thrice.  

Hope those my short Note about astrology help you.

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