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NIFTY PREDICTION FOR 23 JUNE 2011 & Near Short Term

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | Labels: , | |


As in my last article on Nifty Trend, we were talking about Nifty trend.We are very good at prediction on Nifty. I don't like to any claim on our success of predicting/. We can say that this time we were on right track. Nifty prove that we were on right track. okay.. This celebration of successes must be over. Come on the point.

Then what will Nifty in end of June? What will short term trend of
Indian stock market? 

So now time to concentrate on our target and study for accurate prediction.

My some observation of Nifty (spot), you must consider them before come
to any conclusion of your own study.

  • Nifty has crucial Resistance at 5320.

If Nifty able to cross 5320 on closing basis, then only we can think for change in trend.

  • Nifty is bearish on short term basis as well as long term basis.

  • Nifty not achieved bottom. From 23 June 2011 it may come with some buying but end of month it again come to bearish side.

Hope you understand my meaning.. 

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