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Nifty view for week of 13 June- 17 June 2011

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In last week view Nifty Levels,  we were on some conclusion. If you were thoroughly watch market then market is unable to close above 5565 as per our analysi that’s why it didn’t go for next journey. We were on very right track. I hope that last article help you to earn very good sum.

Nifty’s weekly view is showed the consolidation in nifty shows from second half of February to till month of June. In Indian stock market, Nifty are looking at decision point for long term. Over all trend of Nifty looks me on weekly chart is on Negative side. Bulls are looking with less energy, even with those low levels of Nifty. They are not enthusiastic to buy on this cloudy situation for long term. This phenomenon denoted point of my last MAJOR TREND prediction for Nifty in Indian stock market.

In daily view Nifty market Nifty makes good gain from the 5328-5600. This gain almost of 300 points from low point, but after that in last three days of trading week traders were preferred to sell and book out profit.
Then obviously one knows, “Where will be Nifty in next week of 13 June- 17 June?”. For this matter I like to take support from intraday data of last week of Nifty. In last week volatility of Nifty is very low. Even with cloudy condition form weekly and Daily chart Nifty shows positive opening on Monday13 June. If Nifty able to close on above 5515 Monday 13 June, then we can expect next two trading session Nifty in positive. Over conclusion of above all analysis, I like to attract your attention on one point that in last two trading session on next week Nifty will witness of heavy fall.

If Nifty goes in positive, then Larsen & Tubro, ITC, Zee Ltd, HDFC BANK and TCS will be supporter for Nifty. They are in very good position to support.

Hope this article helps you in trading. After all trading is very serious business in the world with high risk. So before act you must study present environment in market. Past data are helpful to direction, but it is unable to show you pits of roads while you journey. Some time small pit can be big valley and vice-versa.

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