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Falling Nifty raise chances of earning, How? Check it...

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | | |


Nifty once again close under the level 5000. This period is tough for investor as well as trader. There is always hope in worst period also, if you look positively rather than hard beating on your chest.

Today Nifty may come close to bottom. In this level it will try to rest feet on muddy ground. It may chance to fall of another 100 points in Nifty. It is time to pull your hook out of water, else your catch will eaten by shark of market and you would again buy good stock high price. There are too many good stock at attractive discount price. Try to buy steadily with small quatity each time rather than bulk quantity.

Stock like Reliance, SBI, Suzlon are few of example. You have to risk little. It is always safe to buy at low than crest of matket.

Wishing you Happy and prosperous buying!

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