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Thursday, December 8, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In the clody weather on financial globe. It is very tough to think about investing money in stock market. Volataliy is higher which helps trader who are clever and just grab profit and run away.

Nifty makes base for the short rally in it. It is quite obivious if market moves with volcanic erruption above side, there will chances to missed good oppourtnity to earn risk free money.

If this time for Nifty consider as bottom then still it good chances to earn. Risk reward ratio is good in Indian stock market. Most of the stocks are discounted at this time in the market.

You may think me as fool go give advice, "sail in thunder". If you want a good catch, you must dare to sail in stormy condition with proper guess of weather.

There may chances to short term upside rally in Indian stock market. So be ready to utilise the chance
with proper stop loss.
Be in touch with to learn to trade. To learn to earn.

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