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NIFTY quick review for benefit of trader

Monday, April 23, 2012 | | |


Today Nifty completely amaze to traders, but experienced trader are a seasoned for this up and downs. They are very well know how to profit from a such downs on time.

Previous session is tragedical one with negative bias. That session had recovered at last half hour. This recover is continue in today's early hour.

After that minimal recovery approach still the point 5310, after that Nifty drop down with passing time.

Nifty closed on 5200, but it today not touch previous low
of 5185. This may be glismp of hope for buying side people.

I feel bearish on Nifty for upcoming week.

What do you think for Indian market as well as global market?
Share your valuable thoughts with us in comment section.

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Jalin Kuwar
Thanking you

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