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Nifty will clear trend in upcoming week of 09 Apr 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012 | | |


In last two trading session of last week market is hover merely in 40 and 30 point. This indicates that market is thinking for the decision as well as due to lot of holiday in Indian stock market it was act on sideways.
So this is reason you should be careful while trading at tomorrow means on Monday 09 Apr 2012. There will be chances to define the exact trend in Nifty. 

So I like to advice that it is better to wait and watch at least in first two hour. 

Let the trend clear, then trade. It will keep you away from a surprising move in Indian stock market.
Market will define the trend in coming one or two session. Then act per trend rather opposing the trend. It will increase your chances to win.  

Trend is give money to trader almost 80% of time as per the conception of wise trader. Only 20% time it let away your money. So it is better bet to go with trend. Just layman trick no special steps.
Hope this article help you to trade

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