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Remarkable Point of Today Nifty Move For Upcoming Week

Friday, April 20, 2012 | | |


Today market is hovering above 5310 level, but not able jump to green zone in whole day. 5300 level was enough in mind of trader. This faith as usual break by nifty with in five minute or less Nifty broke up and reach in deep valley of 5245.

Same market appeared three or four session before. But today it Nifty again recovered and closeed on 5290.85 level.

Today some remarkable thing happen;
One Nifty not reach towards previous low 5185. This can help to Nifty to make concrete foundation on 5185 level as support.

Second it goes above supportnof 5250.

Although those remarkable movment Nifty, but some bad news were coming from European stock markets.

So there is cloudy weather in Indian stock market.

I like to advise trader grab profit, whenever you should in profit. This strartergy will help you in this volitile market.

Hope this article help you to earn profit in Nifty.

Thanking you

Jalin Kuwar

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